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LOCAL BUSINESS - Here Come The Drive-Ins!!! - Again!

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It's natural to cheer when new things make old things better.  But I also think we cheer when the old becomes the new again.  Welcome back to the Drive-In Movie Theater!!  And after doing some checking, this weekend you can go, and the weather should be good too!  And business doesn't get a whole lot more local than Drive-Ins!

There used to be tons of them when I was growing up, but not many have survived.  There is Barberton's Magic City, Midway in Ravenna, AutoRama in North Ridgeville, Mayfield Road Drive-In in Chardon, and The Blue Sky in Wadsworth, Lynn Drive-In Strasburg all still going.  There was also Pearl Road Drive-In, 42 Drive-In, Memphis, and others. I'm sure you went to one of those at one time or another. If not, let's go this weekend!

The Drive-In has a couple of very good memories for me.  One -Date night as a young guy.  I'd wash and wax my cool car, and take my date to the show. It was fun and sort of private. (Pearl Road Drive-In  - was my go-to. It's now a driving range so it's still a win!)   Two - a whole lot of us would go with multiple cool cars and park in the back and grill out, sitting in lawn chairs for the evening.  We'd bring a hibachi or two and make hot dogs, and have a terrific time.  Not sure you can do that now though.  But we loved it.

This Was My Drive-In Car Back In The Day!


And flash forward all these years later and here we go again, because of the pandemic, drive-ins are back in. And they are showing double features still and many have two screens.  This is great!  If you have never gone - you need to go! 

Here is the schedule of this weekends local Drive-Ins!   And if you don't know how to go to one, all the info you need is linked here!   (Support Local Business!!)

Barberton Magic City Drive-IN -    (Facebook)

Midway in Ravenna   -    (Facebook)

Blue Sky in Wadsworth(Facebook)

AutoRama in North Ridgeville  - (Facebook)

Mayfield Road Drive-In in Chardon   -  (Facebook)

Lynn Drive-In Strasburg - Facebook

Go and have some fun!  With all the bad news and things you can't do right now, it's good to see one that you can.  Take in a Drive-In.

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