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LOCAL CHARITY - Arthritis Foundation

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Late last week, many of us from the station attended one of the best, and biggest charity events in Akron every year. It was Red And White On Thursday Night, which benefits the Arthritis Foundation at the beautiful Quaker Square.

I make sure I go every year, because these are people worth supporting.  There is no doubt the food is great, the wine is too and the company you meet and greet there is wonderful.  But the thing that always strikes me about this event, is the good you're doing supporting this organization.  These are people worth supporting.

Windy and I ran into Sue and Tim there - Great peeps!


Every year members from the Arthritis Foundation come in and speak on our Morning Show, and it always stuns me on the amount of people affected by this disease.  They estimate about 1.2 million people in Northeast Ohio are dealing with it.  That number simply puts me back on my heels. This is not to minimize the seriousness of other worthwhile and challenging charities, but I would never think that many people would be in that number.

That means someone you know, that I know, that is in your family, or you are affected.  So, I make sure we give this event a voice and platform to get the word out, and we do it proudly.  We get so many texts, and comments about this, it make us feel like we are doing good for those who need good done.

If you didn't attend this year, make it a plan to go next year, or make a donation here right now and help someone you know deal with something that is tough to deal with. 

Please support the Arthritis foundation!

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