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WYNN QUOTES - Your Turn On The Podium

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"The happiest people I know, are those who openly celebrate the success of others...."

It took me a while to really learn this.  Not the being happy for others part, but the effect it can have on others part.  Think about it. When something really good happens to you, it is a many pronged thing. There may be more money for you involved, or a promotion, a new realtionship, new love, new friendship, new possesions, or seeing a life long dream coming true. 

You get the news first, you're ready to burst, and what's the first thing you want to do? Share it with others, or course.  Right then, you learn a whole lot about some of the people in your life.  When someone is truly happy for you, you know it.  It's easy to see, it's authentic.  And at that moment, your good fortune feels even better, as joy should be communal.  You can't feel much better than during those precious minutes.

Sadly, there are many who can't bring themselves to that moment. They resent your minute on the pedastal, and that's easy to see too. In fact, far easier.  It's awkward, phoney, and it's a shame.  I feel all those people are doing is denying thier own joy.  It feels good to feel good for others. Life is so short, and the highs are to be relished.  One day it will be thier turn, and they will want someone, you, to look and smile at them while they are on the podium. 

Celebrate the victories of those in your world, and remember we all get our turn, and sucess alone, is...success.....alone.

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