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WEATHER - It's That Time Of The Year!

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I've been getting up at about 2:30 to 3:00 AM for about 40 years now to do morning shows in many different markets.  I'm not really a geek on this type of thing, but you do notice stuff preparing a show all these years. I joke with my showmates, that we get up before the morning low temperature, and it's true.

I looked, and around here the coldest nights are the first 4 weeks of the year.  The records reflect that.  This week is the anniversary of the coldest nights in Akron history.  Over the weekend, the 19th, the record is -25  (1994)  And the next two dates are -24 (1985). (today)  I remember the second one very well, and always will.  January 20th 1985 was Superbowl Sunday, San Francisco and Miami. The whole country was cold that weekend, and I was living in Columbus, doing the morning show at a Country Station there, WRMZ.  I think the low in Columbus was about 24 below that night.  It was historic all across the country.

The daytime high I think that day was -15, and I was getting ready to watch the game in my condo.  I then heard it was going down to stupid degrees that night, and I had an idea.  I went out about 5PM and started my car, my 1983 Buick Skyhawk.  After I barely got it started, I let it warm up, and then knew I would never get it started again at 3AM at -25 below, plus wind chill.  So, I locked it, and let it run all night.  Right there on my street parking, as I had NO garage.  I watched the game, went to bed, and then got in my warm car, and drove in to do the show that started at 5:30, with my parter Dan Weldy.

I have no idea how many laws or ordinances I broke that night, and I didn't care. I was young, and had a show to do.  When I got to work I, and we, all went out and started our cars about every hour or so to make sure we would get home.  Then the cold snap broke and we got back to normal.

Yes, it has been cold this week, but not "leave your car run all night cold."  Warmer weekend ahead.

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