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Thanksgiving Week - 2 - Dinners With Don And Terri

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This week I'm sharing Thanksgiving memories with you, and at the same time wanting to give thanks to many during a week that is set up to do so.  I spent 21 Thanksgivings away from Northeast Ohio.  But when I came back home, I learned how much I missed holidays away from my hometown.  Spending some Thanksgivings with my friend Don,his wife Terri and his family reminded me of such.  I've been friends with Don for just about 40 years and Terri almost the same.  Don and I play golf all the time as well.

Tough Stance, Don......

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I don't know the actual number, but I have spent a bunch of them at thier house. They come from a much larger, and frankly younger family than I do.  My family is spread out over the country, theirs is local.  So spending Thanksgivings with them was a win in many ways.  My family, at times would travel and Don would invite me over.  Their Thanksgivings were very different than mine were here. Large gatherings, with a ton of family and exended family. Great people, and great times.  I never knew a large holiday in my own family, there just were not a lot of us. 

I like the large gathering,  I also like how there are a few different parties going on at the same time.  You have the cooking bunch in the kitchen, food focused, with prep going on,  carving and planning.  And there's the bunch watching football.  Then the wine drinkers who are socializing with apps, and then there's the room with the kids and young parents.  All fun.

Between Don and Terri's respective families, they are great cooks and the food is amazing. Plus there is no shortage of it.  Being more than honest, I really like that.  In my own family as a kid growing up, I wasn't around those kind of cooks.  They always laugh at me as I still show great enthusiam for the food, and it's genuine.  But with all that said, there is a larger lesson here, and one that makes me pause, stop and learn.

It is clear that Don, Terri and family are the most generous friends I know.  Through their example, they show that all are welcome.  And not just simply, welcomed, but embraced. I feel like I am a member of their immediate family through thier welcoming nature.  And this goes well beyond Thanksgiving, but to Easter many years, July 4ths and so on.  This year they are going to reward themselves and spend the holiday on vacation to visit their own families that live out of town, and let someone else host and I'm thrilled for them.

It's great to have friends to be thankful for........

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