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Best I've Ever Seen!

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I've been around this radio stuff for a few decades, worked many places around the country and have been a part of a lot of good radio promotions invented by good people.  But I have to say, that the WQMX Send Me Backstage T-shirts are about the best I've ever seen.

We have been doing this a long time, and it seems to get better and better.  It's great to see all the colors of all the years at all the concerts we do. And it's great too to see them all over social media.  It's about the easiest way to possibly get back and meet some of your favorite country stars.

Just Like This!!!


You can wear it anytime.  In fact, taking pics of yourself in your shirt and posting them here would be really fun.

Long live the WQMX Send Me Backstage T-shirt!   (Check our Website to see how you can get yours)

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