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Kindness Out In Nowhere

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Sometimes things happen that remind us that there are good people in the world, and not everyone is out to take advantage of someone.

Windy and I were in Island Park, Idaho last week.  It's about as out there as you can get.  4 hour drive north at 80 mph from Salt Lake City.  There is not a lot there.  We rented a cabin and drove to Yellowstone a few times. And on the day we were go back to SLC, we had a rental car whose rear right tire was about flat.  8am!

There are three things in Island Park near our cabin, a Phillips 66 gas station, a whole lot of high country, and a place called  The Repair Shop next door to the gas station.  I had no clue where the next ...anything was. And we had a long, remote, high speed drive ahead.   


This is an example of where we were as far as the roads were concerned


Enter Tayson at the Repair Shop.  He knew our problem, and he fixed it right away.  No wait, no fuss, and only $20 to get us going when it would have been easy to charge us $100.   I am pretty handy, but no one is when it's that much of a road game. 

We will never forget the kindness given to us that day from good people, from good country!

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