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Grillmasters! Happy Fourth Of July!

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Wednesday on the show, we asked you to post pics of your grill, and/or grilling and we got tons of them.  They all were great, and we got some amazing grill ideas for the Holiday Weekend!  Thanks for all of the terrific ideas!!!

MY Grill -  Pretty Good!

ray 3

But my long time friend from Florida Ray sent me a pic of his grill, and I have to say as good as my grill is,  Ray wins!  Holy cow!  In fairness, he does some big parties as a side hustle.  And he's darn good at it.

Ray's Grill  Sheesh!

ray 2

So as most will be salivating over the food prepared on regular grills, some of us hard core grillers will be salivating over that amazing grill.

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