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Pizza In The Driveway!!

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Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend a party in Canfield, and man I was glad about that.  Windy had an aunt that was retiring and it was a really nice affair.

They hired this amazing company called Roxbury Pizza to make brick oven pizzas out of a mobile set up right there at the house.  And It was incredible.  Pizza in 90 seconds in a real brick oven that was as delicious as any pizza I have ever had.

What a great idea, fresh pizza on location for a special occasion.  These were really nice, dedicated  pizza makers that helped make this party really fun. They kept the fire going and the pizza coming out hot even during a few downpours too.  Windy and I and EVERYONE there loved this pie.    I always like original ideas at a party, and this certainly was one.

I think I ate like 10 pieces. These are good people!   Delish!

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