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WYNN QUOTES - Authenticity

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“Imperfection is attractive, because it’s one thing we all have in common.”

When we unite as a city, a nation, or even around a ball team, the thing that brings us all together is the commonality of it all.  Usually there is that one thing that at that one moment we all have in common and nothing else matters.  It’s powerful.

As people, imperfection really is the only thing we all, without exception share.  I embrace the imperfections in my life. I prefer them.  Sure, I want to be presentable as I walk through the world, we all do.  But I have found that for me, authenticity is far easier to achieve and find than perfection.  And I think a whole lot more attractive.  When something truly authentic is found, I feel it’s to be treasured, because it only gets better as it ages.

Authentic things are sought after as treasures.  And people should be too.  When you meet someone who is truly authentic in how the are, that means they are imperfect right from the get go.  They are easier to know, easier to talk with, and to expand a relationship with.   I also feel they have an instant connection with you, and you with them.  And the reason is more simple than you might think.

Because of our deep knowledge of our own individual selves, we know the imperfections they embrace through their authenticity, make them more like us.

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