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Tribe - Day Ball!!!

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The past three years I have been a 20-game season ticket holder with the Indians.   I have chosen the Monday and Wednesday package for various reasons, one being the abundance of Wednesday afternoon games.

I am not a Cubs fan in any way, but they got one thing right for a long time.  For decades at Wrigley with NO LIGHTS they played only day games there.  Now with lights, they do both.  Be clear, I am not saying we should take the lights off Progressive Field, but I do love me some day baseball.   I love the 1:10 start.  I know, you'll say because I get up at 2:30 AM to do the show is one of the reasons, and you would be right.  But the day games I've gone to this year and past years are the best.  I wish they would have more day games!

Nice weather, sun, and an overall good feeling buzzes through the park that's different than a night game.  Maybe it's a different person that can go to an afternoon game.  Could be many are thrilled to not be at the office, and maybe the sun has something to do with it too. Could be too you're not stressing to get there on time battling rush hour traffic on the way to the game.  There's a different feel, and vibe that you can actually feel.  And the attendance has been good too at these games.

Love Live Day Ball!  GO TRIBE!!   (BTW  we won yesterday  5-3  GREAT game too!)

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Windy and I love Day Games!

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