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Waving Off The Buckets

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Had a fantastic time at Cedar Point this weekend.  I hadn't been there in a few years.  Many changes, and new rides, Windy and I really had a fun weekend as we stayed the night at the Breakers as well.   Cedar point is on point, as it gets better in every way, every day. 

We rode tons of rides including a bunch of coasters.  But one thing still has not changed over the years with me and the park.   I can ride any roller coaster on the planet, but I don't like to ride the "buckets".   Or as I call it the thing on the string.   I just can't get past the wire maybe snapping thing, and going over the towers thing.  Makes my palms sweat - feet too.   I get it, it's ridiculous for me to have this as a phobia, as kids and families happily and safely fly high on the wire every day of the year with no problem at all. 

I know, it's the most boring ride on earth, slowest too.  I understand logically it's probably the safest ride in world, but I'll stick to the Valravn - 


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