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WYNN QUOTES - Smoothing Out Your Heartbeat

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“Because, You Are My Song…”

Music is a powerful part of our lives.  We have favorite songs, and most of us like songs, and have songs from all kinds of music on our playlists.  Music is our daily go to, but sometimes we use music for different reasons.  Yes, as much as we all “love” music, we “use” it as well.  Much of it depends how our lives are going at a certain moment, or how we are feeling that day.

When hurting, our tendency is to turn to songs that go where we land on those dimmer days.  When we are in a party mood, we go that way, and so on.  But there are also songs that speak to you in any moment, in any setting, any day.  Those songs that were in essence, written especially for you.  And no matter what is going on with your mood or in your world that day, to the yay or nay, you pause.  Invariably, it has to do with another person who is special and resides in your heart.  It’s about that someone who is walking through the world with you still.  It’s “your song.” 

You know the one I’m talking about.  The one that vibrates deep and messages that part of your brain that was sleeping seconds ago.  The one that makes you blank stare out a window, or awakens a powerful vision, the one that smooths out your heartbeat –  instantly.  That happens because I feel “that” person lives within that song somehow.  They breathe in it, stride through it, and their heart supplies the beat for it, and it’s all seemingly   –  for only you.   Because magically, somehow it is.  That’s how deep a song can go, because it’s “your” song.  And even more than that, it’s because of who they are.  They are your song….

 They even write songs about this subject.......


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