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WYNN - #14- Dwight Yoakam - Ain't That Lonely Yet - 1993

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Dwight Yoakam - Ain't That Lonely Yet  - 1993

SW small Logo Writing this I understand for many Dwight Yoakam is an acquired taste.  With that being said, Yoakam was still very instrumental in helping country turn a big corner that needed to be negotiated in the mid 1980's.  As popular as he was, his polarization started from the beginning.  For some, he was just too much, but for others he was the most welcome avant garde savior.  He's a true original, as there is no one else like him -  that is definite and damn rare.  As time went on he branched out to record many different styles of country.  But to me as solid as the early Yoakam was, this was his crown jewel, grabbing a Grammy, a CMA, and a number two hit.  From the album, This Time  which was a gigantic hit and a stellar seller,  I felt this song and album was Yoakam in microcosm.  His performance is perfect as you feel his sorrow and resolve all at the same time. This album sold millions and this song is the main reason why, even though there were other strong hits off of it.  If it's been a while, take a listen and see if Yoakam hits you the same, or differently than maybe years ago.  This to me, this is simply classic.

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