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WYNN - #33 - Small Town USA - Justin Moore - 2009

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#34 - Justin Moore - Small Town USA - 2009

SW small Logo Justin Moore did a show with us here at WQMX before anyone really ever heard of him.  He was a last minute addition to I think a Luke Bryan charity show at Tangier. (And I think he tripped over Luke's guitar exiting the stage).  After he performed I recall a grown man about 40 in the back hallway talking with Justin almost in tears about how his music touched him while he was performing.  I never forgot that, and we've never forgotten Justin.  This song is about as good of a debut song as you can have.  This of course went #1 and should have.  This song found the perfect artist to record it, and sometimes it all just comes together. This song is still a real favorite of mine, and yours, and possesses that very rare gene of not wearing out its welcome. This song may be played on the radio for 20 more years.  It's highly relatable in every regard and builds nice momentum as all really good hit songs do. This was the springboard for Moore to go on great things.  I think a whole lot of new performers would have loved to have this gem.  Perfect song to launch a new artist.

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