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WYNN - Wynn At The Movies And More!

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Box Office Results - Bullett Train -   (30 Million)


DISASTER – Easter Sunday opened in 8th Place  -   (5.4 Million)


Top Gun – Passed Titanic on the all-time money list seventh place  (Story) 


New This Week - Fall - The movie -- is about two young women trapped on top of a radio tower 


Lightyear - Already available on Disney Plus - (6 weeks)  (Story)


The Flash - There is a possibility the studio may pull the plug on this 200 million dollar movie due out in June - Too many legal problem for the star Ezra Miller  (Story) 


OK, Enough – There will be a Directors Cut of the last Jurassic World movie - making it 15 minutes LONGER!  (Story)


It Appears – That Steve Martin may be retiring - He's 76  (Story)


This Weekend – Check out my Countown To Neon Nights   (link)

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