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WYNN - LOCAL FOOD - The Hudson Farmers Market

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SW small Logo Last Saturday morning, Windy and I were hanging at the house as it drizzled and we decided to go to the Hudson Farmers Market.  I have driven past it many times on various Saturday mornings, but never stopped in.

Incredible Fresh Produce

Hudson 1 veggies

The real reason we went was, The Pierogi Lady made a post that she had Sausage and Gravy pierogis there, and they sounded too good to pass up.  And they were, we got some when we got there.  So we nib-nosed around and bought a bunch of fresh and delicious produce for the weekend, everything was fresh and fantastic!

Tomato -  Yes!

hudson 3 tomato

We then prepared a GREAT dinner Saturday Night with Sirloin steak, and Windy made an incredible beet salad with what we bought.  Paired it up with some wine and we were good to go!


Hudson 4 bread

What a nice area that is, and what a wonderful Farmers Market they have there. Totally worth a visit.  Bring our dog, almost everyone else does!

Glad We Saw Her Post!!

Hudson 2 lady

The cover pic for this article is the perfect Beet Salad Windy made with the siloin I grilled! Perfect meal, perfect night.

Hudson Farmers Marker - St RT 303 and 91, right downtown! - Fun Time!

Wynn small pic



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