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WYNN - Horse People! Why We Needed Rich Strike

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SW small Logo I was saddened to hear the the winner of the Kentucky Derby, Rich Strike would NOT run in the Preakness this week,  thus ending any chance of a Triple Crown for the amazing horse that came out of nowhere to win the Derby.  I admit, I wanted to see him give it a go.  But there are always reasons that horse people make these kinds of decisions.  Protecting the horse is right thing to do in any circumstance.

We have a ton of what I call "Horse People"  that listen to WQMX and the morning show.  They love horses and have us on in the barn every morning throughout Summit, Portage, Medina, Wayne and Stark counties. They are busy and don't have time to call or text on the regular, but they do let us know they are there when the can. Horses are a real passion for those who are around them.  Many times it's their whole life and I admire that, as horses need friends in today's world.

That's why we needed Rich Strike.  Even though many of us cannot relate to the passion and commitment that horse people have for their incredible animals, we all as Americans share the DNA of rooting for the underdog, or under horse in this case. Rich Strike was the biggest of underdogs you can imagine in any sport man or beast, coming out of the shadows and winning Horse Racing's biggest prize.

Let's be honest, for many reasons things are tough right now. Things are expensive, gas prices are high, there are shortages, the pressure is on for many.  We are in one of those lousy overall trends that hopefully ends soon as they usually do.  So where does Rich Strike come in?  Well, he for a short time, showed us all that no matter who you are and what your circumstances are, great things can happen to you and all of us. And that made us all happy inside, even it we didn't know that in that amazing moment.

We as Americans have the Underdog Mentality. We were founded as an underdog nation by breaking away from the worlds superpower 250 years ago. We love cheering for the underdog as a rule. Sure there are those "front runners" that shuck that theory, but that's a small minority.  Most of us love to see someone come from the back of the pack in life, on the job, and in sports.

Rich Strike made us all happy even for a short while and restored some faith that no matter who we are, and no matter what is going on in our world, good and miraculous things can and do still happen for us all to witness.


And the time was right for that.   We will see him in the Belmont in a few weeks....

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