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SW small Logo Brittany sent me a note wanting to see if we could feature her favorite, Tracy Lawrence.  You bet Brit, what a great run he had and what great music he recorded.  I have played all of his hits on great radio stations across the country for years.

This Is About As Good As Debut Songs Get


TL was one of those really great artists that was part of the 1990's for the most part whose success was so big, he just blended in with many of the gigantic superstars of his era.  He was a couple years behind the class of 1989, but as time went on, you thought he was. He recorded a ton of great songs, and really dominated his era alongside Garth, Alan, George, Clint, Travis, and Randy Travis.  But what made his early success all the more impressive, is that he was only 23 years old at the time of his debut in 1991.  That is more than common today, but it certainly was not then.

Great Early Success - One Of The Best Songs Of the 1990's!


It all started with a song with a simple title in 1991, Sticks And Stones, and it went number one, and you could tell from that single, there was something special here. This was an incredible debut song. There was a strong sense of real in his music, and fans noticed that from the get go.  Sticks And Stones the song, set the stage for real success. In fact, from that song in 1991, till late 1997, every single from him made the top 7 with seven going number one. That was a remarkable feat in any era, as usually with a newer artist there is a slip up or two, but not with Lawrence.

Alibis - Was A Very Big Song!


Tl was right on time in 1991, as he was heavy on honky-tonk and he was a true hat wearing, Neo-Traditionalist. His warm country voice was welcome, and in short order he was in the same conversation as any big star in country.  He was on Atlantic Records for the bulk of his run, and when that country division closed down about 2001, it seemed to really take a toll on his charting career. 

This Song Spoke To Fans Directly


He did have success after that, and scored some real nice songs over the next number of years.  But Lawrence is another great example of just tough the biz can be.  Here's a guy on a roll, and in the same breath as many of his contemporary giants of the format, and then things change, listeners change, styles evolve, and society changes.  Again, we are reminded that the 20-25 year successful chart run of some, is certainly the exception and not near the rule.

I Always Loved This Song


I thought musically Lawrence was true and honest.  I believed his music. There was nothing phony about it, and when listening to a TL album, there was no doubt you were hearing country.  These songs were not going to cross over to the pop charts, and I think that was his absolute key. He was country from day one, and remained country throughout his entire run, and that garners a ton of respect.  His traditional fans loved that and I did too. He sold about 15 million albums and had solid chart success for a good long while.  His first five albums all multi platinum.

Classic Lawrence!



Lawrence to me is one of those artists that made the 1990's so great. His stats and chart numbers are as impressive as almost anyone of his era. For a long while he was just outside of the Garths, Alans, and Clints of the decade, but not too far outside.  Lawrence was one of those greats that ensured we always had great songs on the radio, and I thank him for that.  He still has a large fan base and still tours today.  25 top 5 hits, a bunch of number ones, he was a force and has a ton of great songs to play if you go to see him today.

Big Song #1  2006


I was a big fan of his music, as were we all.  If you're not overly familiar with TL, it's worth a Google search and a couple of YouTube hours.  As you get to know him better you will see his life outside of the music has not been without some personal issues. But the music belongs to the amazingly talented, Tracy Lawrence.

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