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WYNN - Alexander Pierce / Great Place!

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We celebrated The Beautiful Windy's birthday last weekend and we went to a place we had never been before, Alexander Pierce in Akron's East End.  Fantastic!

Windy's Birthday Celebration!

ap windy me

Sometimes it's not easy to find new places that you've never been before.  We are both adventurous in that regard and we both like good food. This was a great choice.  Wonderful service, outstanding atmosphere, and the food was nothing short of amazing.

Her Dish - Delish!!

ap windy food

Everything about this meal was incredible. A nice wine selection, the food choices were plentiful and there were specials as well.  We had a very cozy booth that made celebrating Windy's birthday extra special. 

My Dish - Crushed IT!!

ap food me

Plus the Creme Brulee - OMG!  Terrific!

ap cbrullee

If you are planning a very special night out like we were, this place is a perfect choice  - highly recommend!

Windy was very happy and that is the best gift of all -  GREAT birthday dinner!

Alexander Pierce Website

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