Thursday, 28 January 2021 05:30

Try This Popcorn!

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The other day on air was going on about the Acme Homegrown Popcorn because it is amazing. My husband and I have a slight obsession- him more than me, but I treat myself. The Buckeye, the Toffee Almond, the Chicago Style- all of it. It is so amazing.

Bob Walker the owner of American Classic Snack Company heard me and yesterday morning he dropped off a bunch of bags of popcorn for the morning show along with the sweetest letter.

The popcorn is made in Wadsworth and Acme carries is because they are a local business that loves to support local business. They bring us great brands that are local. I love that all around!

You gotta try this popcorn for sure. Thank you to everyone!

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