Friday, 10 July 2020 05:26

More Mugs!

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Funny story!

I went to grab a mug yesterday for an after work cup of coffee. I went to the cupboard. No mugs. Not one. I checked the dishwasher, while thinking- I do not remember using all of our mugs. There were only two in there to be washed. I looked around the house. Nothing. I was confused. I went and found the Warren in the garage and soon the mystery was solved.

I saw one sitting on top of our outside fridge. Ok. Then I asked him if he had anymore out there. He preceded to hand me 6 more coffee mugs! SIX!!!!! And, he had one in his hands and asked me to make him another cup of coffee! HAHA! I guess I gotta check with him first next time and buy more mugs. Oh my!

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