Thursday, 09 July 2020 05:47

All the Sarah Kay Slushies!!!

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Some of you asked, so here are all of the White Claw Slushies I have made- so far! Enjoy and be safe!!!


Red, White Claw and Blue Slushie
Black Cherry, Lime and Raspberry White Claws
Bomb Pop (*due to COVID-19, the available of Popsicles varies from drink-to-drink. Ask your blender specialist for details.)

Original Pink Slushie
Black Cherry White Claw

RaSpKayBerry Slushie
Raspberry White Claw
Ginger Ale

Sarah Kay Rita
Lime White Claw
Skinny Girl Margarita

Grapefruit Clawshie
Grapefruit White Claw

White Claw Mimosas
Tangerine White Claws (Clementine 70 White Claw- blender specialist has 2 or less remaining.)

LemonSkay Slushie
Lemon White Claw

Watermelon White Claw Crawl Slushie
Watermelon White Claw
Lime Juice

*Mango slushies are available upon request, but you are better than that. Ew.

**All Slushies include a large amount of LOVE! Proceed with caution. Oh, and I may put a dash of Vodka in allllll of them! HA!

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