Thursday, 26 March 2020 05:23

Local Take Out: Kraus Pizza in North Canton

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Take out has become a big part of lives these past couple of weeks and the Warren and I have been partaking. I will also say, I have been veering off my low carb life plan a wee bit! Ha!

The other night we got pizza from one of our most favorite places: Kraus in North Canton on Middlebranch. It was heavenly. On the pizza was sausage and banana peppers. Their sausage is ground up like saw dust and they put on just enough peppers with the right amount of sauce and cheese and spices and they cut the pizza into squares, a personal favorite- it was so good!

I highly recommend this place and I highly recommend supporting local businesses during this time and getting carry-out and then heading back home!

Kraus in North Canton is on Middlebranch Rd. near Easton and their # is 330.497.0606.

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