Wednesday, 25 March 2020 05:44

Organizing All My Head Gear: Yes, I'm Admitting I Have a Problem!

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A lot of cleaning and purging is getting done during this time of social distancing. The Warren and I started cleaning, purging and organizing the basement. This room is our Mount Everest. This is where all the Christmas decorations are, his tools, and my head gear!

I have bags and bags full of head gear, hats and costumes. We started there and I got overwhelmed. I truly believe that every occasion can be and should be celebrated with some sort of head gear. And, I soon realized I have all the head gear for those occasions! Ha!

I ended up sorting them into 7 categories with 3 special ones on the side. Yes, I know this sounds insane. Holidays, food and drink, animals, birthday, pink things, miscellaneous and hats. The 3 side ones: Sugarland, Buckeyes and Christmas.

I know I am out of control, but it makes me so happy. Now, off to the garage!

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