Monday, 20 January 2020 05:27

Perfect Snowflakes!

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Winter has arrived in NEO and the cold temperatures are here to stay, at least for the the next couple days. We had the cold, the wind and the snow over the weekend, and of course we started the slow move of my parents. Ha!

It was in the teens yesterday with a few scattered snowflakes falling in the afternoon. We were carrying out some clothes and boxes to take to my parent's new condo when I had the hatch to the pink mobile open. I noticed all these snowflakes collecting in the back of my car, and they were not melting because it was about 16 degrees out!! Upon further inspection, they were these perfect snowflakes!!! I had to snap a pic, or 5! In nature, there are no two snowflakes alike, so me and my sister had some fun checking them all out.

Minutes of fun and I thought I'd share. Clearly, it does not take much for us- but, it made us take a moment and think about the fun little things and how flipping cold it really was outside because the snowflakes weren't melting in the back of my car! Ahaha!

Winter is here!

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