Tuesday, 14 May 2019 07:49

New Food Finds!

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In my quest to stay on the healthy eating track, I want to share two of my latest food finds!

Beanitos- white bean chips. They are 10 net carbs per serving and they help with my tortilla chip cravings. They are super delicious with salsa, guacamole or by themselves and they come in so many flavors, but you gotta like beans! 

Waterloo Sparkling Water- GAME CHANGER! Zero calories, sugars and sodium and it tastes amazzzinggg! I miss the fizziness of pop, and this the job done. Black Cherry is my person favorite flavor and this is a perfect substitute for club soda if you are looking to watch your calories if you are having an adult beverage!!! It just jazzes it up! (I buy both items at Acme Fresh Market.) 

Of course, I can admit a bag of Doritos and some pop are much better- but, these will do! Happy eating!

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