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My Happy Place: Columbia Woodlands

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This past weekend, I had the chance to once again stay at Columbia Woodlands in Dover. If you have never heard of this place or heard me mention it on social media or on air, let me tell again and again this place is INCREDIBLE.

This gem is just off of 77 in Dover and features luxury cabins and glamping tents. They call it ‘glamping’ with a touch of rustic elegance, but in fact this place is so nice I want to live there. You feel like you have stepped into another world. The cabins and tents are gorgeous and beautifully decorated.


The woodlands themself- amazing. With your stay, season permitting, you get a golf cart which you can ride around and explore the grounds from chalets and ponds with epic views. They have a lake with canoes, hammocks, you can swim and fish, hike on numerous hiking trails and much more. This place is relaxing to the max. Each cabin has a fire pit and hot tub.

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Every single time I visit, I instantly start planning my next stay. Whether you want a romantic getaway, a fun friend’s weekend or a family fun vacay- go to Columbia Woodlands. They also have all the amenities for parties and weddings. I tease the Warren saying we need to renew our vows! Ha! I am beyond serious when I say I love this place. It is everything. My happy place for sure!

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