Tuesday, 19 October 2021 05:36

Sarah Kay Got Brows!

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Your eyebrows are sisters not twins. Let that simmer for a minute.

I was in high school in the last 90s. The era when it was cool to tweeze all your eyebrows. As in pencil thin. It was a miracle they even grew back.

Fast foward to the present. I didn't think my eyebrows were bad, but far from perfect. A bit off. I had looked into microblading, but it kinda made me nervous.

Enter my girl Tara at Baby Got Brows. She is amazing, super fun and she knows what she is doing.

She walked me through the process and it was a breeze. Now, I am new woman. My eyebrows look related and I LOVE THEM.

Tara is a doll and she gets it right. My point here is, if you are BROWSing at mircoblading, stop. DO IT! You will not regret it. GO see Tara. This is worth it and you will gain confidence!

Right now, Baby Got Brows is offering a Sarah Kay Discount of $50 off your microblading service in 2021! Make your appointment here, and follow Baby Got Brows on Instagram and Facebook for pics, questions and all things brows! Trust me, you will love your brows!!!

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