Tuesday, 21 March 2023 18:55

Star Trek Trilogy Time!

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Ever have a craving? Not a food craving, but a desire to do something you wouldn't usually do? That was me last week! For some reason, I wanted to watch the J.J Abrams Star Trek trilogy. Why? I have NO clue! I'm not a Trekkie (if that's even how you spell it), I'm much more of a Star Wars fan, and I'd seen the first two like forever ago. There was no reason to do it, but I wanted to. So I got the movies from the library and I gave them a spin.

I had SO much fun watching these movies! They were funny, action packed, intense, and someone who knows next to nothing about Star Trek like me can be entertained! There were some moments that made my eyes roll, but overall I enjoyed them thoroughly. It was kind of serendipitous.

Remember to live long and prosper, and scratch whatever's got you itching to try!

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