Tuesday, 14 March 2023 09:39

Ode to Breakfast

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I'm filling in for Cherise this week (tune in from 10-3!) so that means I get to partake in a ritual I often neglect: breakfast!

I don't hate breakfast, it just isn't something I do daily anymore. I intermittently fasted for a very long time, usually only eating from noon to 8 pm. I'm starting to phase out of it, but with the way that my mornings usually go, my first meal isn't until the middle of the day. We also don't have a lot of breakfast food in our house. But since I'm waking up earlier, I can eat something before the show starts!

Yesterday I got an everything bagel with onion and chive cream cheese (aren't you glad you can't smell through the radio? lol) in honor of Everything Everywhere all at Once winning BEST PICTURE! I would've gotten lox but it was meatless Monday. Today I got a smoothie with spirulina powder, which made it green! It was great after my workout, which was also something I did this morning! Tomorrow I'll probably have one of the donuts we got this weekend!

One of my favorite breakfast foods is cereal, which sucks because since I don't regularly eat breakfast, I don't get big boxes of it or even a lot of milk. Maybe one day I'll get a bulk store membership and then get those variety packs with the mini boxes! Do they make them with Cap'n Crunch? That's my favorite so I hope so!

Hopefully my breakfast adventures can continue more frequently in the future!

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