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The nice folks at News 5 Cleveland have put together this fantastic list of Free and discounted deals and attractions for our American Veterans over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and some also include our Active US Military folks as well!  Have a safe weekend and #NEVERFORGET

 Click HERE for the list!


(Courtesy of News 5 Cleveland, WEWS/tv)

Thursday, 23 May 2019 01:36

Two BIG things for Football fans in NEO

A couple cool things happening in NEO for football fans - one you can check out now, the other in 2021

First, If you remember (I know we all try to forget) when Cleveland was not doing so well in the world of Professional Football... so there were special edition"Fridges" installed in area bars that would 'Unlock' after the first Victory of the season so patrons could toast with a free adult beverage.  One of these exclusive refrigerators has been donated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame by the folks at Loby's Grille in Canton and will be on dispaly for the world to see at the Hall. (FULL STORY from Cleveland.com) 

So the other thing is kind of a big deal... if you saw any footage, pics or social media posts about this years NFL Draft that was held in Nashville, TN, andthought it looked like a good time but think 8 hours is a long drive for a party, then you are in luck.  The NFL has announced that the 2021 NFL Draft will be held in CLEVELAND!  The 75th Anniversary of our North Coast team in Orange happens to be the same year, and if things continue to improve on the shore of Lake Erie, this could, and should be, one of the biggest things to happen in Cleveland since that little Championship parade for the Wine & Gold. (CLICK FOR MORE)

Congrats, CLE!  


(CREDITS: ESPN, Anheiser Busch, NFL, Pro Football Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland.com)


We all like to help, and no one likes to be taken advantage of, that's why it takes a special type of low-life to try and profit from tragedy.  Sadly this is a reminder to always, ALWAYS, make sure to verify that you are donating to the correct or preferred charity if using those on-line crowdfunding sites.  Fox 8 Cleveland reports on a couple of crowdfunding pages that have surfaced after the tragic loss of a 22 year old woman during the annual Cleveland Marathon last weekend.  The Family of Taylor Ceepo had requested in her Obit that in lue of flowers, any donations should be made to Akron Children's Hospital.  Click HERE for more. (Courtesy Fox 8 Cleveland)

All systems seem to be restored and its back to business as usual at Coventry Local Schools after a cyber attack caused the district to cancel Monday classes.  Coventry Schools were the victims of "Trickbot" - a Trojan Horse virus that seeks out a users financial information and passwords, and is one of, if not THE, worst of its kind according to the FBI.  If you want more info on "Trickbot" and some info on how to protect yourself, click HERE for the latest... Courtesy of WKYC TV-3/wkyc.com

No School Monday for Coventry Local thanks to a computer virus, known as "Trickbot," that has caused a nightmare of a weekend for the tech teams at Coventry Local Schools as they put in long hours to restore affected programs. The virus hit last week and the school district is working hard to make sure everything is back to normal before having students report back.  Staff is still excpected to report as usual on Monday and if all goes as planned then the hope is that Staff and Students will both return on Tuesday.  

Click Here for the Official Facebook post from Coventry Schools

Thursday night my wife and I took our two youngest, 7 & 10, to see Double Dare Live at the Historic and Beautiful Akron Civic Theater, and what a fun night out!  It was a smaller than expected crowd, as addressed by Marc Summers at the beginning of the show, but that actually worked out well for many, as Summers directed everyone in the Balcony to come down to the main floor, which they gladly did.  There must have been about 100 kids and adults that participated in a variety of "Physical Challenges" that ranged from simple 'frisbee toss' games to some pretty messy ones, like the 'catch an egg and smash it on your own head as many times as possible in 30 seconds'.  that was the first half of the show, then it was time to watch two families play the game just like on TV, with 2 rounds of questions, dares, double dares and more Physical Challenges resulting in the "Red Team" winning the chance to go to the Obstacle Course and even though there may have been a missed flag along the way, they still won the Grand Prize of the night: $1000 in cash!  

My boys were a little disappointed that they didn't get picked to participate, but it was still a fun, nostalgic and entertaining night for the entire audience.  I hadn't been to the Civic in years and forgot how amazing it is in there, we are lucky to have this Gem here in the Rubber City, so if you haven't been in a while, go to a show and get reaquianted with this Historic venue!  I hope to have some pics up on my Facebook Page for you to check out a little later today... after a nap of course.

Its always great to see kids interacting with Officers of the Law in a fun and educational setting.  The good folks at FOX 8 Cleveland did this great piece about dozens of Police Officers, Deputies and Troopers from the Akron Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol and departments as far away as Columbus, all with very diverse stories of how they got to where they are now, congregated at Helen Arnold Community Learning Center to hang out with a group fo their Fifth Grade Students and to promote positive life choices.  THANK YOU to all of our Law Enforcement Professionals and First Responders for all the selfless things they do every day!

Click Here for the Full Story

If you know a First Responder or a local Police or Fire Department that deserves a little recognition, Nominate them HERE for First Responder Fridays from WQMX and Jimmy Johns!!

(Courtesy of WJW-TV/FOX 8 Cleveland)

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 01:42

The NBA Draft Lottery Results

Fresh off the announcement of a new Head Coach for the North Coast, Tuesday nights NBA Draft Lottery brought just a little more disappointment to hopeful CAVS fans like myself, as we got the Number Five overall pick at the upcoming NBA Draft in June... Which means a very slim chance at Zion, let alone one of the other much hyped top prospects.  Number Five isn't all that bad, but it would be better for me if it wasn't for a couple other moments: First, Kyle Kuzma (in his "Lucky" purple jacket) and LeBron's Lakers getting to pick at Number 4... Really?! And then Former GM David Griffin, now a VP with the New Orleans Pelicans, was the man that was handed the 'Golden Ticket' to Zion with the Number One pick.  At least we aren't the Knicks.

For more Draft Lottery Results, CLICK HERE


(Courtesy of The National Basketball Association)

Call it a "Guilty Pleasure" or just some "good ol' mind-numbing, mindless reality tv," we all have our go-to TV shows that we watch for whatever the reason... even though we know we'll never get that time back and likely won't gain anything useful from doing so.  Years ago my wife, Jenny, somehow got me to watch ABC's "The Bachelor" with her... then The Bachelorette... Bachelor Pad... Bachelor in Paradise... Bachelor Mountain... you get the point.  ANYWAY!!!  The New Season of The Bachelorette brings back Hannah B as the star - a former Miss USA Pagent contestant and a top contender on Colton Underwoods season of The Bachelor.  Of course there are a bunch of dudes that like pictures that were cut out of fitness and fashion magazines, but there are always a few 'bad apples' in every bunch.

Get to know Hannah B and her potential suitors HERE, and I will do my best to keep you up on the latest trainwrecks and deciet each week!  ~Ike

"Ohio Road Trips" puts Canton on the list twice for two great Road Trip destinations!  Congrats to our friends at The Pro Football Hall of Fame  and Gervasi Vineyard!  There are a lot of other great destinations that are an easy Day/Weekend trip here in the Buckeye State, too!  (Courtesy of The Canton Repository)


Here's a link to find YOUR perfect Ohio Road Trip, or browse some ideas!

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