Tuesday, 31 January 2023 23:42

A Cleveland baseball icon silenced

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A couple days ago, we learned of John Adams' death. If you have been a Cleveland baseball fan at any point since the '70s you know who he is. He was the guy with the drum sitting out in the bleachers who rarely missed a game. In fact, it's calculated he attended over 3,700 games since 1973!

Growing up here in the '90s and going to games I always thought it was a recording when I was little. Then my dad explained that nope, John Adams is sitting out in the bleachers doing that in person...I was amazed. I personally thought to myself I knew I couldn't do what he did - sit through all of those slow pitchers duels, the rain delays, extra innings etc. I'm glad he did though. It made for a very unique baseball experience at Progressive Field. Guardians games won't be the same without the sound of John's drum from the top of the bleachers in left field.

Calling hours are this Friday and his funeral is at St John's Cathedral in Downtown Cleveland on Saturday. John Adams was 71. RIP.

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