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Happy Birthday Keith Urban!

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Happy Birthday Keith Urban! WQMX

Keith Urban is one of my favorite country artists, I love his music and he is amazing in concert. Getting to meet him when he played at Blossom this summer was definitely a highlight for me and I am super grateful for that opportunity! A few years ago, I blogged my Top 5 Keith songs, so for his birthday I decided to take a look back and see if that list has changed at all since then, because my appreciation for him and his music is always evolving.

Two years ago on his birthday, this is what my Top 5 looked like:

5. "Never Comin' Down" 
4. "Somebody Like You"
3. "Where The Blacktop Ends"
2. 'Long Hot Summer"
1. "Stupid Boy" 

My #1 choice, I don't think, will ever change. "Stupid Boy" is such a great song, I could always listen to that one on repeat, and hearing it acoustic I love it even more. But, my Top 5 songs have changed slightly as I have continued to listen to his music over the last two years, plus seeing him in concert, and new releases all factoring in, so I'm gonna freshen this up! Of course, everytime I hear "Brown Eyes Baby" I am singing along in the studio or the car, but this list will be prior to his current single!

In honor of Keith's 55th birthday, here are my current Top 5 songs of his:

5. "Wild Hearts"

4. "We Were" 

3. "Where The Blacktop Ends" 

2. "Who Wouldn't Want To Be Me" 

1. "Stupid Boy" 


Can I throw in an honorable mention? Sure I can, it's my blog! "Cop Car", the more I listen to that one, the more I love it! Of course, I'll also add the songs I switched out on the old list for the current list. Ahhh, I should have done a Top 10! Anyway, happy birthday, Keith Urban, love your music!


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