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Daily Scoop, 4/8/21

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Today is Thursday, April 8th- It IS - Zoo Lovers Day, Empanada Day, The Masters begins today

McDonald's is testing a new Crispy Chicken Breakfast Sandwich with bacon and butter honey sauce. 

Arby's now has crinkle fries!

Gladiator 2 rumor is that Chris Hemsworth will play Maximus' son!!!

The most popular word people use to describe themselves is - friendly.

Now that things are starting to feel a bit more normal, the beach is the place people want to visit the most.

A new study found that married people are happier than unmarried people.

You will eat about 200 pounds of peanuts in your lifetime.

About 60% of us say we always put leftovers in the fridge, but never get around to eating them.

Women end up spending about 8 years of their lives shopping.

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