Wednesday, 25 November 2020 05:46

Daily Scoop, 11/25/20

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Wednesday, November 25th- It IS- Blase Day, International Hat Day, Jukebox Day

A new survey found that 75% of us are looking forward to having a quiet, more intimate holiday season this year with their “quaranteam” or immediate family.

Christmas Cards are making a comeback due to the pandemic.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookie Kits are a thing.

You can now buy your chicken a mini Santa hat!

You can also buy Candy Cane deodorant.

Birthday Cake Pebbles Cereal is reportedly coming to stores next year.

Walmart is selling Cotton Candy Grape Juice.

Research shows that women like scars on men.

25% of Ohio adults live with a roommate.

The longest game of Monopoly ever played is 1,680 hours!

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