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Daily Scoop, 9/11/19

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Today is Wednesday, September 11th, It IS - Patriot Day 9/11, National Day of Service and Remembrance, Hot Cross Buns Day

Pierce Brosnon thinks a woman should play James Bond in the near future. 

JLO is in talks to headline the Super Bowl halftime show.

Malley’s is selling chocolate covered Fritos for a limited time.

Neiman Marcus just unveiled a pair of asymmetric skinny and wide leg jeans for $462.

About a third of people would quit their job because of a strict dress code.

15% of workers would turn down a dream job if they couldn't use social media while there.

We throw away about half of the fruits and veggies and meats we buy at the store...

Couples are willing to pay about 30% more for a wedding that looks good on Instagram.

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