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Daily Scoop, 4/15/19

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Today is Monday, April 15th- Tax Day, Take A Wild Guess Day

Tiger Woods makes a huge comeback. Wins his 5th green jacket at the Masters yesterday.

The first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is out!

Game of Thrones is back- Bran the most tweeted about character from last night's episode...

Facebook and Instagram down again yesterday!

The Rock is ready to release his own brand of tequila.

Birthday Cake Cool Whip exists!

You can buy a sleeping bag that looks just like a Hot Pocket for $80!

You can now buy a gallon of straight pickle juice on Amazon.

According to a new survey, the part of our appearance we worry the most about- our teeth!

40% of us would move to a different country if it meant never having to pay taxes again.

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