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Daily Scoop, 6/25/24

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Tuesday, June 25th- It IS- Color TV Day, Goat Cheese Day, Catfish Day

60% of women have dumped a guy because he complained too much.

7% of women will blow dry their hair before weighing themselves, because they believe it makes themselves lighter.

A new study finds that women need more sleep than men because they use their brains more.

Scientists believe that if people learned to handle stress better, they might have a better chance of not going bald.

According to studies, average grill is dirtier than most toilet seats.

A sequel to St. Elmo's Fire with the original cast returning is in development.

Freaky Friday 2, starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, has begun production and Disney has released the first behind-the-scenes look. The sequel is set to hit theaters in 2025.

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