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Daily Scoop, 6/29/22

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Today is Wednesday, June 29th- It IS -World Camera Day, Hug Holiday, Waffle Iron Day, Almond Buttercrunch Day, International Mud Day

73 percent are annoyed when they see your vacation pics on social media. BUT - the poll also revealed - 77 percent say they post vacation pictures themselves.

The NUMBER ONE THING – we dislike about co-workers? Those who don't pull their weight

KFC has new finger sporks, they fit on your fingers so that you can feel like you're using your hands to eat the sides, too.

People who work a lot of hours every week tend to drink more

Your ability to recognize faces peaks at the age of 32. 

A study found that babies born in the summer grow up to be healthier adults.

Crab Trapper is a new whiskey that is flavored with green crab.

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