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Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 4/15/21

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Trisha Yearwood is expanding her brand…
Blake Shelton is talking a wedding date…

Trisha Yearwood has a couple of new ventures to add to her empire. 
She just launched her line of pet products inspired by her rescue dogs Emmy and Millie. The Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection features dog treats, beds, bags, collars and more. 
Trisha has also launched a line of dinnerware inspired by her mother. The Gwendolyn Collection is available at Williams Sonoma. 

Blake Shelton says he and Gwen Stefani are looking to get married this summer. He doesn’t want to wait until fall when he is back into The Voice and he wants to be able to enjoy it all- so the summer works.
He added that at the end of the day they are just like everybody else- just waiting to see what our summer’s gonna look like and then go from there.