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Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 7/12/19

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Luke Bryan is happy to be on tour…
Lindsay Ell is back in the studio…

Luke Bryan’s Sunset Repeat Tour is underway, and he is super happy to have Cole Swindell and Jon Langston along for the ride.
He knew that Cole could certainly headline his own tour, so when he agreed to join him he was estatic.
Luke said, “The big thing with Cole and I is we certainly have a long, long history together from the early years of our careers. And then we’ve missed out a lot of hang time. The fact that we get another year where we’ll be seeing each other a lot is really exciting for me.” 
And with Jon- Luke is happy to be his mentor and answer all of his questions about being on the road. They will all be at Blossom on September 14th!

Lindsay Ell is gearing up for new music as she is getting ready to head into the studio to record her second album.
She says with the new record, her fans can expect her writing and songs to be nothing short of honest. She wants to put out an album both the fans and her can be proud of.
The new album is slated to drop early next year.