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Sarah Kay's Nashville News, 1/24/22

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Chris Janson loves his new album...
Randy Travis has a new documentary...

Chris Janson will release his fourth studio album, All In, this spring. 
He says, “There are all kinds of songs on this project, but they all flow together because they are genuine to me. I went all in on every part of the process, from writing to singing to playing to producing. I feel like it’s my best, most true-to-myself album to date.” 
There's no official date for the album's release. 

A documentary that features Randy Travis's last concert performances is set to air on the Circle Network next month. 
The film, More Life, started in 2011 as a concert special honoring the 25th anniversary of his album Storms of Life. As the production was nearing completion in 2013, Randy suffered a debilitating stroke. Now, the documentary serves as a tribute to his talent and everything he's experienced over the years.
More Life premieres the evening of February 10th and wraps up a day of programming honoring Randy.