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Daily Scoop, 6/19/19

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Today is Wednesday, June 19th, It IS - Sauntering Day, National Watch Day, Martini Day

There is a movement that is trending to make Keanu Reeves Time Magazines Person Of The Year!

The new movie, Rambo Last Blood.....will NOT be the last after all!

There will be a prequel to the Hunger Games books in May 2020 and a movie is already in the works.

25% of Americans say they’ve NEVER eaten a vegetable.

You can get Cap’n Crunch Red, White and Blue cereal just in time for summer.

They say when you're hungry, you should press on your forehead to calm the hunger feeling.

Experts say you should live about 15-45 minutes away from your parents and in-laws.

65% of millenials think marriage and kids are quote “not necessary”

20% of us wear earbuds while making love.

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