Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans

Friday, 09 June 2023 09:35

Colossal Log: Day 4!

Saturday! The busiest day of the con means the biggest cosplay you have, and that means it's time for She-Hulk! I spent so much time on the makeup and researching the parts to buy, the payoff was totally worth it! Lots of compliments and photos on this one, and somehow it was one of the more comfortable cosplays of the week! We went to a few panels, the standouts being "Video Games, are they OSHA compliant?", "Why Glee is a Sports Anime '', and "Objection! Ace Attorneys Portrayal of the Japanese legal system". We played more ribbon game, and then went to the artists alley to get something I had seen the day before, a print of Batgirl. There was a sale when you got two, and what did I find? A PRINT OF SHE-HULK!!! Naturally I had to get it, and the artist and I both took photos of me with the print!

We went swimming later that night (after I washed off the green paint of course) and got some bomb asian fusion food. Another great day!

The final chapter comes Monday!

Thursday, 08 June 2023 09:39

Trailer Thursday: Pikmin 4

Today's trailer is for the long awaited game Pikmin 4! In this game, it looks like you're rescuing a rescue crew, with all of the same Pikman gameplay fans know and love!

I've never played Pikmin but I know there is a LOT of hype surrounding this game! Check out the trailer below!

Wednesday, 07 June 2023 14:22

Colossal-log: Day 3!

Friday is the first full day of the convention and it was action packed! I cosplayed as Scarlet Witch and got a lot of compliments. Speaking of cosplay, I went to a cosplay panel to improve my skills when we got there. After that I went to a panel about ribbon games. Basically, you get ribbons for doing certain tasks and going to panels, or it's as simple as asking for one! After that panel I was all over getting those ribbons. Then I got to do something REALLY cool: I got to meet Jessie Flower, a prominent voice actor who plays my favorite character in Avatar: The Last Airbender: Toph! It was surreal to see her in person and she was really nice! After a ribbon game meetup, we headed back to the hotel for some grub and to grab our formalwear for the annual formal ball. It was a lot of fun! We went to a few more panels later that night and checked out the glow stick dance as well! Friday was a lot of fun, stay tuned to see what I did Saturday!

Tuesday, 06 June 2023 10:59

Colossal-log 1: Day's 1 and 2!

I was on vacation last week! Each year, I go to Colossalcon, one of the largest Anime conventions in the midwest. I'll be real, I'm not super into anime, but there's so much you can do that it's not a huge deal if you're into it or not! I thought I'd log my adventures.

Wednesday night was badge pick up night! Not a lot to do, but I did go to a bit of a speed-friending event to get to know some people after grabbing my badge! It was nice to meet some new friendly faces. After that my group and I perused a gaming market. I found mothman (!!!) and snapped a pic with me. We headed out and packed that night for the weekend to come!

Thursday was when stuff. Got. Real. I donned my first cosplay for the week, Stevonnie from Steven Universe. We got there a little after noon and got our bearings. I went to a panel where I learned how to write my name in Japanese. Then we walked around the craft fair where vendors sell the crafts they've made. I got a few cute lil animals and some Fallout gear! We checked out cosplay chess, where cosplayers move as chess pieces on a board! I also attended a FREAKING WEDDING!!! Two strangers I've never met invited attendees to see them tie the knot. The ceremony was short and sweet, but beautiful! Then we headed to a panel about the Super Mario Bros movie from 1993! (I'll probably talk about that movie some other time lol, but we have a history.) We then checked into our hotel and came back to the resort to go to the water park! There was a rave in the waves, a hot tub, and the lazy river. We also went on 2 slides!

Stay tuned to see where our adventures took us next!

Tuesday, 30 May 2023 15:13

International Hug Your Cat Day!

It's international hug your cat day! This gives me an opportunity to talk about my cat, Pebbles!

Pebbles is an orange tabby cat, and just over a year old! I got her while I was still living in Missouri so Siffy could have a friend. Her namesake is Pebbles Flinstone, since they're both redheads! She is the sweetest cat in the world, she loves pets, cuddling, she purrs constantly, and enjoys meeting new people!

I hope you give your cats a squeeze today!

Thursday, 25 May 2023 19:00

Trailer Thursday: Barbie! (Again)

The main trailer for Barbie has FINALLY dropped! This one gives us a bit more detail as to what Barbie is up too, and it looks like a whole lot of fun!

Check out the trailer below!

Wednesday, 24 May 2023 20:41

Previously On....

I've been catching up on Gray's Anatomys spin-off show, Private Practice. I was watching both shows at different speeds for a while but I got to a point where I was wayyyyy ahead with Grays and when they did a crossover with Private Practice so much had changed with those characters. So now I'm catching up so I'm up to speed on everything and everyone, and it's been quite a ride. If you're a Gray's fan and you don't know about this lovely series, Private Practice follows Dr. Addision Montgomery after she leaves Seattle-Grace to join a private practice in LA. It's got all of the medical drama from Gray's as well as new characters to love. As much as I enjoy it, I am excited to start watching Gray's again when I catch up!

Today's Trailer Thursday might make you feel a bit nostalgic! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 comes out later this year, and now we have a trailer to go with it! I watched the first two films for the first time this year, so I'm really excited for this third installment!

Check out the trailer below!

Thursday, 27 April 2023 19:22

Trailer Thursday: Black Mirror Season 6

Today's Trailer Thursday features a teaser for the next season of Black Mirror and you guys.


Black Mirror is some of the best television that you can stream. Almost every episode is poignant, interesting, and disturbing. I think that I am both a better and bleeker person because I watch it, and it's interactive film Bandersnatch. I think about this movie all the time.

 I am excited and frightened and intrigued.

Content Warning: Strong language

Here's the season 6 teaser for Black Mirror:

Tuesday, 25 April 2023 19:15

First Mow of The Year

I mowed my lawn for the first time today. Mowing the lawn was a chore I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid, it's great exercise, it gets you outside, and it's extremely rewarding seeing how much nicer everything instantly looks. I have never in my adult life lived anywhere that had a lawn to mow, I was either in an apartment building with no yard or somewhere where lawncare was included. But now I live in a house with a yard, and I love it, but I also don't have a mower. So after borrowing one from a friend, I hopped to it and it was wonderful. I had to wait till today because Ohio weather did its thing and made it cold and rainy after it was nice for a bit. Today it was just cold, so it was actually a pretty nice experience. Can't wait to keep my lawn flamingos happy for the rest of the summer.

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