Thursday, 22 December 2022 14:07

Time To Wrap!

I am taking tomorrow off and I'm doing a couple of things I have been putting off (not intentionally): baking cookies and wrapping gifts! I really like wrapping gifts, especially the ribbon and bows, but it does take a while to get it done. So cookies first, lol! By now, you may know I am a fan of Babs and her account Brunch with Babs, always coming through with the helpful tips and advice. In this video she talks about gift wrapping, and I had no idea you could sharpen scissors with aluminum foil! 

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Tuesday, 06 December 2022 14:21

Gift Wrap Inspiration!

I find some of the coolest ideas on Instagram! This one is a cool way to use ribbon to make a Christmas Tree! Take a look and see how it's done, and happy gifting! 

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