Wednesday, 29 April 2020 05:13

Sarah Kay Slushies!

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I have mentioned that I love me some White Claws! It has been all over social media recently- White Claw Slushies. You take some ice, a White Claw, some fruit, maybe some vodka and blend. I decided immediately that I wanted in! Instead of fruit or some puree I wanted to make my own Sarah Kay version!!!! I already from time-to-time mix White Claws with Rose' wine, so why not make a slushie out of…
Tuesday, 28 April 2020 06:18

Walk in the Park!

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Over the weekend, the weather was perfect and I somehow talked the Warren into going for another walk. This time around we need a scenery change, so we went to Price Park in North Canton- not far from our house. I forgot how nice this place is! They have a pond with a gazebo and ducks. They have bridge that takes you to a whole other area, there are picnic shelters, playgrounds and tons off…
Monday, 27 April 2020 05:34

Local Carry Out: Carlo's Trattoria

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The Warren I got carry out from Carlo's Trattoria in Hartville over the weekend. I grew up in Hartville, so I grew up on Carlo's! I believe they have the best Stromboli. At least the best I have ever had. It is legendary! Naturally, I got the Stromboli and the Warren got the calzone. They have all the Italian dishes you would expect including a wonderful pizza. This is a small restaurant that has been…
Friday, 24 April 2020 04:50

How You Doin'?!

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We are a couple weeks into the shelter at home lockdown. We had some fun with these pictures- so, which one are you? Does it depend on the day? The time of day? I think I am all of them at some time of the day! Today, I feel like I have done all of these this morning already!
Thursday, 23 April 2020 05:19

Local Carry Out: Rockne's

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One of my go-to places for carry-out has always been Rockne's! I LOVE their Firestone Salad. I get it with a hard-boiled egg instead of pita. You get a delicious chicken breast on a bed of lettuce with cheese and ranch- my favorite pick. Simple yet SOOOOO delicious! It is a low carb girls dream! Rockne's has all the goodness, not just in the form of salads. Their burgers, soups, sandwiches, french fries- all of…
Wednesday, 22 April 2020 05:20

The Masked Morning Show Gal!

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The CDC recommends that you wear a mask when going out in public right now. If you are going to the grocery store, to get take out, etc. What I am talking about in writing this is not about masks being worn on the front lines in hospitals with essential workers dealing with sick people. I am talking about what you and I should be doing to protect ourselves, our loved ones and others. My…
Tuesday, 21 April 2020 05:38

Get a Flower for the House!

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It is Tell Us Something Good Tuesday, and any good news is always welcome. Recently, the Warren and I started buying fresh flowers to have in the house to brighten up the place a bit. It is nice to have something extra pretty to look at, they smell good and they say having fresh flowers or a plant is an instant mood booster! We started with a calla lily at Easter and now we have…
Monday, 20 April 2020 05:29

Local Carry Out: Old Carolina Barbecue Company

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This weekend we got carry out from Old Carolina Barbecue Company. They have 5 locations in Stark and Summit counties. There is one in Belden Village near our house. The Warren loves BBQ, so I threw on my pig head gear and hit the road for some carry out. They do online ordering and it was easy peasy! The Warren got the Kansas City- ribs and chicken with cornbread, cole slaw and mac and cheese.…
Friday, 17 April 2020 05:06

Grocery Shopping For My Parents

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My parents are 70 and 71 and my dad has COPD. They are grounded to the house during this pandemic. Yes, they could go grocery shopping during the restricted hours, but we decided that I would do their shopping for them until this was all over. Or rather, I told them they could not leave the house and I would do it for them. They gave me life, it is the least I could do.…
Thursday, 16 April 2020 06:04

My Parent's House SOLD!

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I have mentioned a few times that my parents moved. They moved out of the house they built in 1973. The house they lived in for 47 years. They moved into a condo, a lovely condo, months ago. I thought I made peace with it. Yesterday it was officially official. The house I grew up in, lived in until I was 25- sold. Sold it, as in they signed the title and the new owners…
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