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staff tim homeSarah is the Co-host on Scott and Sarah in the Morning on 94.9 WQMX in Akron, Ohio. She was born and raised in Northeast, Ohio. She has been in the radio business since 2004 and been part of the WQMX team since 2008. Sarah graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and always knew she wanted to be on the radio.

With her love of country music, she became a part of the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music in 2015.  Scott and Sarah in the Morning has been nominated for multiple CMA & ACM Medium Market Personality of the Year Awards, while the station was nominated and won an ACM for Medium Market Station of the Year in 2016.

Sarah loves the color pink, the Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland sports, spending time with family and friends and by far her most favorite country artist is Sugarland! She loves expressing herself with fun hats and head gear, so if you see her out and about with a cupcake or ice cream hat on- that’s just Sarah.

You can contact Sarah Kay at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., like her Facebook page and visit her website at Sarah's head shot was taken by Photos With A Flourish. 

Monday, 08 February 2021 05:38

Happy Birthday to Alison (my sister)!

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Today is my sister's birthday. Alison is five years older than me. I love pointing that out. Her not so much. If you have an older sister you will get this. If you have a younger sister you will totally get this. Having a sister is the most wonderful, emotional, chaotic, stable, loving relationship you will ever know. We drive each other cray cray, we push each others buttons- on purpose sometimes, we champion each…
Friday, 05 February 2021 05:03

What is on the Menu for Sunday??

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Top 5 Big Game Day Eats, According to Survey by DoorDash:1. Mozzarella Sticks2. Boneless Wings3. Chips and Salsa4. Caesar Salad5. Pepperoni Pizza I have no real issue with this list, but I am not reaching for a salad on Sunday. My menu consists of wings, nachos, popcorn and maybe some stuffed mushroom caps! Yes, we chatted about them on the air this week and they are all I can think about! What is on your…
Thursday, 04 February 2021 05:20

Days By the Fireplace...

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With weather in the 20s and teens in the forecast, we are going to be making so many fires in our fireplace. Let me share with you our love of making fires. All you need is a fire, some coffee, maybe a good book, even a good movie on the TV and your chilli afternoon is set! Sometimes the Warren will ask me what do you want to do today and I will say- should…
Wednesday, 03 February 2021 05:58

Sarah Kay Cooks: No Sprout About It, Brussel Sprouts!

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No Sprout About It, Brussel Sprouts! Easiest recipe ever! Cut up as many Brussel sprouts as you want. Place them in a zip lock bag. Pour in 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a dash or two of salt, a clove of garlic, 2-3 tablespoons of balsamic vinaigrette and as much of Parmesan cheese as you like. Zip the bag and shake it up!!!! You can cook them two ways- in the air fryer at 390…
Tuesday, 02 February 2021 05:16

Canton Centennial Plaza

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Downtown Canton is about to be poppin! I have heard about the new Canton Centennial Plaza for a while now. It officially opened a few months ago. It is right in the heart of downtown that is intended to be the newest football destination in the football city. Soon it will feature a restaurant, it has multiple stages, video screens and a space to host events, concerts, tailgates and viewing parties. They have this cool…
Monday, 01 February 2021 05:02

We LOVE Hiller Excavating!

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Last year in October a lovely lady named Michelle Hiller reached out to me. She wanted to make a donation to Bosom Buddies in the name of her and her husband's Rodney's company Hiller Excavating. They made a very generous donation and we became fast friends through social media! Fast forward to a few weeks ago. We got to chatting about other ways they could get involved. WQMX is proud to announce its partnership with…
Friday, 29 January 2021 05:21

Pizza Bowls Are the Best!

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I have been a big fan of the Marco's Pizza Bowl for a few months now. It is just sauce and toppings in a bowl, no dough. Low carb and so delicious! Now, much to my delight, they have the Build Your Own Bowl! I have been doing this the entire time, but now I am making it easier for everyone involved!!!!! I love this! It is so warm, gooey and seriously amazing tasting. Try…
Thursday, 28 January 2021 05:30

Try This Popcorn!

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The other day on air was going on about the Acme Homegrown Popcorn because it is amazing. My husband and I have a slight obsession- him more than me, but I treat myself. The Buckeye, the Toffee Almond, the Chicago Style- all of it. It is so amazing. Bob Walker the owner of American Classic Snack Company heard me and yesterday morning he dropped off a bunch of bags of popcorn for the morning show…
Wednesday, 27 January 2021 05:12

Sweetheart Candies are Back!

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After not being in production last year because of the pandemic, Sweetheart Conversation Hearts are back for Valentine's Day this year! They will have the say sayings we know and love, but they are adding some new ones in 2021! Sweetheart Candies unveiled the new sayings for Valentine’s Day 2021 inspired by classic songs- they include "AT LAST", "SUGAR SUGAR", "I'M YOURS", and "LUVME TENDR.” How fun!!!
Tuesday, 26 January 2021 05:12

Heart-Shaped Nuggets?! Yes!

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Some girls would love to have flowers, chocolates, jewelry, a nice dinner, even a romantic getaway for Valentine's Day. Not this girl. I would love a bag of Tyson's new heart-shaped chicken nuggets! Best. Gift. Ever! Have you seen these?! My eye caught these yesterday and ummmm I want them for sure. This says love and thoughtfulness for sure! Get a bunch of dipping sauces and your Valentine will love it! I am a simple…
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