on Monday, 25 August 2014 10:34.

Wednesday : Tug-of-War Day (politically correctly now called  - The Peace Pull) More Herbs, Less Salt Day Today – 1889 Film is invented by the Eastman Dry Plate Co, National Pots de Creme Day. 1955, First Guiness Book of World Records

Sports Scoop: Browns – Final Preseason game is tomorrow at home, The Bears come to town. First regular season game is a week from Sunday at Pittsburgh. The NFL Season opens a week from Thursday. Cavs -introduced Kevin Love after the big trade with Minnesota. Cavs are now the “odds on favorite” to win the NBA Championship  - this year! And hey: If you purchased an Andrew Wiggins jersey when he was drafted by the Cavs – there’s no need to fear. Both the NBA.com store as well as the Cavaliers pro shop are offering refunds.

Little Big Town will be on ABC’s Good Morning America next Wednesday 9/3 with Darius Rucker to help announce the nominees for the 48th annual CMA Awards. 830AM

Interesting! About 10% people never recover from a breakup. Also found that it takes one month for every year spent together to get over a split and - women take 20% longer than men to get back to normal 

According to a new study from New York University, tall men get married earlier, but short men stay married.

Burger King just bought Tim Hortons, a Canadien Coffee house chain. Now they may possibly may have their headquarters in Canada because the “unfriendly business atmosphere” and high taxes in the USA.

12-year-old T.J. Guerrero set up the stand to sell lemonade at a buck a glass – and cookies for 50 cents apiece – which didn't sit well with Doug Wilkey, who lives next door. Wilkey called the cops and when they declined to shut the kind down, he petitioned city hall, that it lowers his property value.

Toby Keith just opened another restaurant in his backyard. Big Dog Daddy’s Ice House is now open for business in Norman, Oklahoma

on Tuesday, 19 August 2014 11:07.

Friday: Friday Is - National Tooth Fairy Day.  Today is Be an Angel Day Today. National “Eat a Peach” Day.  1902 Happy Birthday to the Cadillac..started by Henry Ford

Dog People…Are more reliable than cat people new study shows. This Saturday night. Indians are home at Progressive Field. Browns are home against the Rams. The Gladiators play for the Arena football championship[! 100,000 people downtown

Northern Illinois University has just put some rules in place regarding Internet usage. They are blocking students from accessing all social networks, Wikipedia, and porn. The new policy applies to the school’s Internet connection only Love the pants...hate the yoga. More women are wearing the pants as opposed to actally doing yoga. The trend even has a name ... "athleisure."

A 28 year old woman who was on the show Dating Naked is suing VH1..for showing her ..naked! They didn't blur out her completely and it cost her a bidding relationship!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, their marriage is in deep trouble...he says so. Taylor Swift New CD, 1989 out for you October 2

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