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Tuesday, 26 December 2017 06:20

Daily Scoop, Week of 12/26/17

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 Today is Friday, December 29th- It IS - YMCA Day, Tick Tock Day, Chocolate Day, 3 days left in 2017!

TONIGHT - Cotton Bowl- Ohio State and USC, 8:30 kick off.

Seems Dr. Phil has been accused of supplying drugs and booze to some of his guests.

Men feel “crappier” than women when single. And they can feel “lonelier.”


#love was the most used hashtag of the year, according to Instagram.

Eat healthy. Experts say it's good for the environment.

Apple has been slowing down your iPhone for a while now to help save your battery. They apologized yesterday. Now they will offer you a new battery for $29 NOT $79.


Today is Thursday, December 28th- It IS - Pledge of Allegiance Day, “Get on the Scales” Day

Lindsay Lohan owes the IRS over 100-grand in back taxes.

When Meghan Markle becomes a Royal she will no longer be allowed to take selfies!

A new poll finds that Leonard and Penny on The Big Bang Theory are the TV characters Americans would most like to have as neighbors.

Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser are in talks to revive Mad About You. 

Trending for NYE- Sparking Wine Ice Cream...

The New Year’s Resolution shared by most people, is “to be a better person”, followed by losing weight.

Venice, Italy has been voted the Most Romantic City in the World.


Today is Wednesday, December 27th- It IS - Visit The Zoo Day, Fruitcake Day

$90 BILLION worth of gifts returned this year. The most returned Christmas gifts- chocolates and candy.

Lebron was the second most Googled athlete of 2017, behind Conor McGregor. 

USA Today voted The Godfather as the Best Movie of All Time.

360 million glasses of champagne are drunk each New Year's Eve.

Are you doing a Dry January? NO drinking for a month. 

If you want your resolution to stick this new year, recruit your partner. Way better chance of success.

Mary Horomanski got an electric bill this month of more than $284 billion with a minimum payment of $28,000 due by the end of this month.


Today is Tuesday, December 26th- It IS - Whiner's Day, Thank-you Note Day, Candy Cane Day, 6 days left in this year, Tell Us Something Good Tuesday!

We gave more than $31 billion in gift cards this year - and people start using those cards TODAY!

76% of all Christmas gifts bought on Christmas Eve were made by MEN!

54% percent of all holiday gifts end up getting exchanged in some way.

Mariah Carey will return to New Year’s Rockin Eve...

Movies- Downsizing and Father Figures both flopped! Star Wars yanked in another 68 mill. Jumanji 36, and Pitch Perfect 30.

Lebron makes $107.85 per second that he’s on the basketball court! 

Elizabeth Vargas is leaving ABC News after 22 years on the network. Been on 20/20 for 14 years!

If online dating is your thing this coming year, use words like "thoughtful," "listener," "polite," "giving," "community," or "friendly" in your dating profile - you'll get more messages.

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